Finance Consulting Services

We help you unlock opportunities for profitable growth, redefine organizational structure, and harness the full potential of information. In today's dynamic business landscape, finance functions must transcend traditional boundaries, examining the holistic impact of the entire organization and beyond on the bottom line.

When confronted with intricate business challenges hindering growth, escalating costs, and introducing new risks, relying on mere best practices or simplistic solutions falls short. Achieving sustainable growth and gaining valuable insights demands a strategic reevaluation of resource utilization, driving transformative change. In today's business landscape, organizations that procrastinate or overlook the imperative to transform risk stagnated growth, forfeiting competitive advantages, or worse.

Finance transformation must extend across the entire enterprise. Our Finance Consulting professionals possess a blend of finance, accounting, and technology expertise to assist you in seizing opportunities for immediate and future business growth, enhancement, and safeguarding. At HVW, we tailor our methodology and delivery to align with your unique circumstances. Moreover, we guide you in reimagining your approach to data, unlocking valuable business insights.

We continuously enhance our services to align with the rapidly evolving digital standards of today and your ever-evolving success objectives. Recognizing that even small changes can yield substantial overall improvements, we work to ensure that every modification contributes positively to your business.

Gap Assessment: We thoroughly evaluate and understand the gaps within your existing technology landscape, considering their implications for your operating model, organizational structure, and process efficiency.

Strategic Roadmap: Develop a comprehensive roadmap that distinctly outlines your future state objectives. We identify how technology-enabled transformation can seamlessly align with these objectives, ensuring a clear path toward success.

Business Benefits Analysis: Delve into the potential business benefits and construct a detailed business case. This allows for well-informed investment decisions and trade-offs. Our focus extends to adopting leading-edge technologies, encompassing ERP perspectives, as well as digital enhancements such as intelligent automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and similar capabilities.

Human-Centric Approach: Amidst the technological evolution, we maintain a strong focus on the human element. Our companion services address change management, skill set evolution, and support the workforce in transitioning to new ways of working and thinking.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, as we leverage the power of technology to make your finance functions adaptable, insightful, and cost-effective. Embrace the future of finance with confidence.

People Excellence is the catalyst for elevating finance teams to meet future challenges. HVW teams employ a proven approach that involves:

Comprehensive Assessment: We meticulously evaluate the current strengths and weaknesses of your finance team's skill set, providing a detailed analysis of the existing capabilities.

Role Refinement: We refine roles and responsibilities, ensuring they align with evolving industry demands and strategic objectives.

Benchmarking Excellence: Our teams benchmark your finance function against leading skill expectations, setting the bar for excellence in the industry.

Skills Gap Identification: We pinpoint specific skills gaps within the team, offering valuable insights into areas for improvement.

Strategic Recommendations: Leveraging our expertise, we provide strategic recommendations to enhance skill sets, preparing your finance team for the dynamic challenges of the future.

Embark on a journey of skill enhancement and future readiness with People Excellence at HVW, where we pave the way for a finance team that thrives in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our tailored approach goes beyond traditional norms, fostering a deeper alignment between finance and other functions by instilling a mutual understanding of risks and opportunities.

Key Tenets of Our Finance Controlling Excellence Approach:

Expanded Perspective: We broaden the finance leader's perspective, encouraging close collaboration with other internal functions for holistic business planning and strategic decision-making. This goes beyond mere monitoring, reporting, and risk management, ensuring a more comprehensive alignment.

Holistic Controllership Function: Our approach integrates all essential elements of an effective controllership function, encompassing people, process, policy, technology, and delivery models. This not only streamlines operations but also promotes a robust partnership between finance and the broader business.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Leveraging leading-class technology, such as Workday Financials, we empower data-driven decision-making by providing advanced analytics and insights crucial for effective business management.

Innovative Finance Delivery Models: We design and implement finance delivery models that enhance scale and consistency, addressing the challenges presented by an increasingly complex business landscape.

Global Standards with Local Nuances: Our approach harmonizes global standards while accommodating local complexities essential to the controllership function, ensuring a seamless integration of both perspectives.

Experience a transformative journey with our Finance Controlling Excellence approach, where collaboration, efficiency, and innovation converge to drive success in today's dynamic business environment.

The evolution of Global Business Services towards global, multifunctional, fully integrated, and end-to-end process-oriented models represents a dynamic shift in organizational paradigms. It's a progressive journey, emphasizing evolution rather than revolution. From our current standpoint, the pinnacle of this evolution is characterized by 'end-to-end' Global Business Services.

Our Global Finance Delivery Excellence service offering strategically addresses pivotal aspects:

Holistic Setup: Facilitating the establishment of finance shared services, orchestrating seamless transitions from finance to multifunctional and regional shared services, and ultimately evolving towards a truly 'end-to-end' GBS organization.

GBS Maturity Assessment: Assisting in evaluating the current maturity of your GBS journey across six dimensions:

Organization and location
Service scope and maturity
Migration and improvement
Processes and automation
People and talent

Cultivating a Commercially Oriented Culture: Our approach focuses on fostering a commercially oriented culture, striking a balance between achieving cost reduction targets and making strategic investments for continuous process innovation.

Embrace the future-ready landscape with our Global Finance Delivery Excellence service, where we guide organizations in navigating the complexities of GBS evolution, ensuring a seamless transition towards end-to-end process excellence and commercial vitality.

Discover the Power of Our Benchmarking Offerings:

Tailored Program Design: We assist you in designing and implementing a robust benchmarking program, enabling the calculation of your business performance. This program allows you to compare your performance against industry benchmarks and other relevant standards.

In-Depth Analysis: Our benchmarking offerings go beyond surface-level comparisons. We delve into the intricacies of your performance metrics, identifying key findings and uncovering opportunities for improvement.

Extensive Benchmarking Repository: Access our benchmarking repository, featuring over 500,000 analysis points and comprehensive data sets spanning various sectors. This wealth of data empowers fact-based decision-making, providing a solid foundation for strategic initiatives.

Transform your decision-making process with our benchmarking expertise, ensuring that your organization not only understands its current standing but also identifies clear pathways for improvement and growth.