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MULTI-FAMILY - The residential real estate market is shifting with increasing preferences for semi-urban living with strong transportation links and downtown walkability, appropriate for smaller households.

HVW has a proven track record of acquiring well-located, inefficient multi-family properties within short commuting distances of desirable metro areas. The acquired assets are repositioned for value maximization, carefully balancing renovation budgets and market rent increases.

MEDICAL OFFICE - HVW has also targeted the Medical Office sector, focusing on specialized properties that are differentiated from typical suburban office. The sector has proven to be resilient, stable and in high-demand.


MULTI-TENANT RETAIL - Through strategic development, acquisition, leasing and subleasing, HVW increases the value of its asset portfolios and avoids unnecessary risks. HVW is focused on long-term results, committed to achieving the right balance of retail uses tailored to each specific location.


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